Frazier Orthodontics

Digital Tooth Scan

Digital Tooth Scan:

Do you remember the gooey impressions or molds that orthodontists and dentists used to take?

Great news! Digital scanners replace the need for these gooey molds.

What is a digital scanner?

Digital scanners are used to take detailed 3D images of your teeth

Why do I need a digital scan?

Digital scans are used for many things:

  • They are used so that we have an accurate, detailed record of your teeth and bite.
  • To study your teeth and track your treatment progress
  • To make 3D printed appliances such as expanders and Herbst appliances
  • To make your clear aligners (like Invisalign or Spark)
  • To make retainers

Does it hurt?

Absolutely not!

How long does it take?

From start to finish, a scan takes less than 3 minutes

Is it an xray?

No. Our digital tooth scans are not xrays. They are lot of pictures of your teeth that get digitally spliced together to make a 3D model of your teeth. Technology is so cool!

Questions? Please let us know! We are happy to help.