As the patient, you will be expected to wear your aligners 20-22 hours/day. You will be given 10-12 aligners at each appointment and Dr. Frazier will tell you how long to wear each aligner before switching to the next one. You will experience some mild discomfort for the first day or two after switching to a new aligner. This is because your teeth are moving and feeling the forces prescribed by Dr. Frazier. Over the counter pain medication and soft foods will help!

At the end of treatment, Dr. Frazier will give you clear plastic retainers to hold your teeth in their new position.

Midway through treatment, we will take a new 3D iTero progress scan of your teeth. This scan allows us to make detailing aligners that will allow Dr. Frazier to put the finishing touches on your smile. Most patients will have 1-2 progress scans, but some patients may require more.

Compliance is the key to all orthodontic treatment, but it is especially important with clear aligner treatment. If you forget your aligners one night, no worries, just wear that aligner for a few extra days. If you consistently forget to wear your aligners, Dr. Frazier may recommend changing your orthodontic approach so that we can achieve ideal results in an efficient manner. She will monitor your treatment closely and discuss your progress with you at each visit.

Like with braces, aligner treatment time will vary from patient to patient. In most cases, aligner treatment is just as fast as braces. In some cases, aligner treatment is actually faster than braces. Dr. Frazier will discuss your specific treatment with you at your complimentary consultation.

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